3 year Diploma in Bio Medical Engineering

( Intake approved for the Year 2018-19 - 60 )


To provide high quality diploma education to generate competent biomedical technicians through education and training this includes theoretical and practical topics in Medical and electronics system. Bio Medical engineering bridges the gap between medicine and engineering in a vibrant ambience of humanity, creativity and innovations.

Students Outcome:

  • Successfully practice biomedical engineering to serve state and regional industries, hospitals, government agencies, or national and international industries.
  • Work proportionally in one or more of the following areas: biomedical electronics, medical instrumentation, medical imaging, rehabilitation engineering , and biomaterials.
  • Achieve personal and professional success with awareness and commitment to their ethical and social responsibilities, both as individuals and in team environments.
  • Maintain and improve their technical competence through lifelong learning,

Including entering and succeeding in an advanced degree program in a field such as engineering , science, business or medicine.